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Justin Bieber Seventeen Mag Interview: ‘I was Rebelling & Disappointed in Myself’ – June/July Issue

Justin Bieber spent a tough few years in the spotlight and admits even he wasn’t happy

Justin Bieber Seventeen Magazine Cover – June/July 2015 Issue

Justin Bieber’s new ‘Seventeen’ Cover. “I was disappointed in myself,” he’s addressing the bad choices he’s

Justin Bieber Talks Full Interview Seventeen Mag – May Issue!

Justin Bieber interview with Seventeen Magazine – May Issue 2012! Seventeen: Everyone is so interested in

Justin Bieber – Behind the Scenes of Seventeen Mag photoshoot (video)

Justin Bieber behind the Scenes of Seventeen Mag photoshoot. The May issue of SEVENTEEN hits newsstands

Justin Bieber Seventeen Mag Cover & Photoshoot May 2012 Issue (Pics)

Justin Bieber cover of Seventeen Magazine, May 2012 issue. Justin Bieber photoshoot for Seventeen Magazine!

Justin Bieber on Seventeen Magazine Cover

Justin Bieber is on the cover of Seventeen magazine June/July edition, in which the magazine shows