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Justin Bieber Shirtless Wearing a Weed-Printed Hat

Justin Bieber wearing a marijuana leaf print hat as he arrived home to his Beverly Hills

Justin Bieber Trolling Fans with Semi-Nakɛd Photo?

After causing a frenzy amongst fanbase by sharing multiple photos of his dayumm body pumping iron at the

Sexy Back! Justin Bieber Covers Up his Face with Towel

Justin Bieber shirtless, covers up his face with a towel while going shirtless after a basketball

Cowboy Justin Bieber Horseback Riding Shirtless at Griffith Park, LA

Justin Bieber horseback riding shirtless in the 95-degree Los Angeles heat, with a dusty trail ride

Justin Bieber Hitting Steam Room Shirtless Hot!

via shotsme: @bizzle: Bout to hit the steam room

Video: Justin Bieber & Nick Demoura at Laura Marie Dance Academy!

Justin Bieber and his choreographer Nick Demoura at Laura Marie Dance Academy in Texas. @lauramariedanceacademy: Justine