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Justin Bieber Returns to Instagram with Shirtless PICs after 6 Months Hiatus

Justin Bieber is back. He has return to the social media app Instagram following a six-month

Justin Bieber at the Clear Lake, Indiana

Justin Bieber at the Clear Lake, Indiana (Sept.6) According to reports, Justin is in the Clear

Sexy Ass Justin Bieber at Laguna Beach, Cali -VIDEOS

Justin Bieber towels off as he walks up the stairs away from the beach on Thursday

Justin Bieber Performs Shirtless at Calvin Klein Event – Hong Kong (11/06/15) [VIDEOS+PICS]

Justin Bieber gave a surprise performance at a Calvin Klein event in Hong Kong on Thursday.

Hot Woman playfully feeding Justin Bieber Grapes! [PIC]

Updating his Instagram account, Justin Bieber share a snap in which an attractive woman dangles a

‘Photoshop Lol’- Justin Bieber Responds to the Calvin Klein Controversy: Showing off his Bulge!

Justin Bieber addressed the Calvin Klein “fake bulge” rumors on Wednesday (January 14) by posting a