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Floyd Mayweather: It’s Too Soon to Sell Shots Selfie app to Twitter

Reports have swirled recently that Twitter is looking to buy Shots, a year-old photo-sharing app that

#DontSellShots, Beliebers freak out over possible Twitter acquisition

After we reported that Twitter had been in talks with selfie-sharing app Shots, beliebers lit up

Justin Bieber: ‘Hibachi Alone Isn’t as Fun’

via Shots: “Hibachi alone isn’t as fun”

Twitter to Buy Justin Bieber’s Startup Company – SHOTS App

Twitter has held talks with Shots, the selfie app backed by Justin Bieber, according to CNBC

Breakfast in Bed

Justin shared a snap of himself on Sunday with breakfast by his pillow. Good night: He


@ryanlastking: Icey @justinbieber