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Justin Bieber skateboarding at MOnster Skatepark in Sydney Australia -VIDEO + PICS

Justin Bieber rocks a helmet as goes skating with some friends while visiting Sydney’s Monster Skate

Evil-Eyed Justin Bieber Skating at Skatelab in Simi Valley CA – VIDEOS+PICS

Justin Bieber having fun skating at Skatelab in Simi Valley California (June4). You can see how

Justin Bieber Falls While Skateboarding at MSG NYC -VIDEO

Justin Bieber was spotted skateboarding in NYC, and while he was showing off his skills to

Justin Bieber Skateboarding in the LA Street, Prompts Cops Call, Report Says

Justin Bieber allegedly weaved in and out of traffic on his skateboard on Monday night. Accordin

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Shows Off Skateboarding Skills 9/23/2014

Justin Bieber visited a popular skate park on Venice Beach in Los Angeles to work on

Justin Bieber: Skateboarding in Pink (VIDEO)

via Fahlo “A little something from the video vault…”. Read more:”