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Justin Bieber’s Shoe Helping to Fund Surgery of a Baby With Cerebral Palsy

Justin Bieber will help a 18-month-old Ayla-Mae Hemms — indirectly, after two beliebers, Ralphie (9) and Beau Waite (7) of South Wales, UK, decided to auction off a black shoe once owned by Justin and use the money to help fund surgery for the toddler, who has cerebral palsy. According to NYDailynews, the 18-month-old Ayla-Mae is… Read More »

Justin Bieber Sneakers

Justin Bieber has a pair of sneakers in just about every shade! If there’s anything Justin Bieber likes as much as older R&B starlets, it’s colorful sneakers in every color of the rainbow! The pint-sized crooner has been spotted sporting sneaks in bright shades like purple, red, blue, and even yellow! Justin Bieber’s sneakers collection… Read More »