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Jonas Brothers are Not Afraid of Justin Bieber’s Success

The Jonas Brothers aren’t afraid of Justin Bieber’s success. The pop trio siblings, Joe Jonas, Kevin

Justin Bieber’s “My World Tour” Prank

Justin Bieber pranking @thestunners on their last night of the My World tour.. For some of

Justin Bieber has Great Respect for Lady GAGA

After winning the youtube battle over miss Gaga, Justin tweeted: “it doesn’t matter who has more

Justin Bieber’s “Baby”-The Most-Watched Video on Youtube

Justin Bieber’s music video for Baby is now the most-watched video ever on YouTube. With more

Is Justin Bieber Hermaphrodite? wtf NO!

Justin BIeber Hermaphrodite? WTF NOOO The latest nasty viral rumor to be spread online is “Justin

American Idol Lowers Age Limit Because of Justin Bieber?

American Idol producers announced yesterday that they have decided to lower the minimum age for contestants