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Justin Bieber & Ex Bodyguard Moshe Settled Legal Dispute – Assault Case Dismissed!

Justin Bieber has settled a legal dispute with a former bodyguard Moshu Benabou — who had

Finally, Oregon Woman Drops 9 Million Lawsuit against Justin Bieber over Hearing Loss!

Oregon woman has finally dropped lawsuit against Justin Bieber over hearing loss, reports As previously

Got Fired, Ex-Bodyguard Moshe Sued Justin Bieber for $420,000

A former JB’s bodyguard Moshe Benabou has sued Justin Bieber — seeking more than $420,000 in

Justin Bieber’s Team Wants “Hearing Loss” Lawsuit Dismissed

Justin Bieber and his team fired back at the lawsuit filed by a fan’s mother who

Justin Bieber Sued by Crazy Man Claiming to be Selena’s Dad

TMZ has obtained a lawsuit from a crazy Michigan man who claims he is Selena’s father

Justin Bieber is Getting Sued by Disney for $150 Million for Using “JB” Initials (rumor)

Latest rumor says that Justin Bieber is being sued for $150 millions for stealing “JB” initials