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Justin Bieber’s New Tattoo Is a Powerful Symbol

Justin Bieber was recently spotted with a tattoo of Jesus’ name in Hebrew under his arm.

Justin Bieber New Tattoo meaning JESUS

Hate it or love it, Justin Bieber got new tattoo. During vacation in Hawaii, Justin Bieber

Old man got Justin Bieber Tattoo on his Thigh

Crazy! an adult California man — who shall remain nameless for his own safety — got

Justin Bieber TOP 5 Craziest Fans

Meet our TOP 5 unbelievable crazy Beliebers! Here they are in no particular order: 1. A

Steve-O on Justin Bieber Body – FAKE tattoo.. HAHA

Justin Bieber with a fake Steve-o tattoo. Steve-o is the crazy guy from Jackass TV series.

Justin Bieber don’t Like to TALK about his lil Birdie Tattoo

According to sources, Justin Bieber don’t like to talk about his tattoo. Over the weekend Justin