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Justin Bieber Getting Two Tatts: Compass & Wildcard Tattoo

Justin Bieber debuts a new Wildcard tattoo on his right arm and posts a picture of

Justin Bieber Getting New EAGLE Tattoo in Australia

Another day, another tattoo for Justin Bieber. And whether beliebers like them or not, Justin is

Justin Bieber Getting New Tattoo in Sydney, Australia

Justin is getting a new tattoo in Sydney, Australia! He shared a selfie with fans after

Justin Bieber Angel Wing Tattoo – Have You Seen This?

Omg.. we have finally caught a glimpse of the new mysterious tattoo Justin Bieber has been

Justin Bieber Bible Verse Tattoo

Justin Bieber gets some inspirational words from the Bible’s Psalm 119:105, which reads “Your word is

Justin Bieber New “Virgin Mary” Tattoo – Left Arm

Justin Bieber getting a new tattoo — Virgin Mary of Guadalupe — on his left arm,