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‘Where to Next?’ Justin Bieber Leaving Japan – April 24

Musician and world traveller Justin Bieber leaves Japan & asks fans “Where to next?” More pics

Justin Bieber Visits Japanese Orphanage – VIDEO

Justin Bieber is making some adorable kids smile in Japan. Justin is overseas with mom Patti

Justin Bieber Performing at V2 Nightclub in Tokyo, Japan – VIDEO

Watch Justin Bieber performing at V2 night club in Tokyo, Japan (April23).

Watch Justin Bieber Found a Huge Shoe for PooBear in Japan – VIDEO

Justin, his mom Pattie and friends at the shoe store in Tokyo, Japan (April 22). @pattiemallette:

Justin Bieber & Mom Pattie Mallette in Tokyo, Japan – April 22

More pics of Justin & mom Pattie in Tokyo, Japan – April 22. Justin looking happy,

Justin Bieber Arrives in Tokyo, Japan – Happy Easter! April 20 – Gallery

Justin Bieber greeted by Japanese fans as he arrives in Tokyo airport, Japan (April 20, 2014).