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Alex From Target Being Compared to Justin Bieber – VIDEO INTERVIEW

“Extra” caught up with Internet sensation Alex Lee aka #AlexFromTarget right after his interview on “The

Jealous, Fans Started #IgnoreJustinProject For Selena Gomez Revenge

It looks like some beliebers are not happy that Justin Bieber has reunited with on-again-off-again girlfriend

Justin Bieber at my Dad’s Restaurant ;)

Justin Bieber with the manager at my dad’s restaurant! It was his third time there!

Justin Bieber #1 Celebrity That Shows Real Commitment & Fans Interaction on Twitter

Justin Bieber may not be the most followed celebrity on twitter, but according to, he’s currently

Here’s Justin Bieber’s First Tweet Ever!

Twitter turns 8 years old today and to mark the anniversary, lets take a trip down

Justin Bieber Cemberut? Twitter Account Hacked by Indonesian

It looks like Justin Bieber was hacked today on Twitter. His account sent out several messages