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Jealous, Fans Started #IgnoreJustinProject For Selena Gomez Revenge

It looks like some beliebers are not happy that Justin Bieber has reunited with on-again-off-again girlfriend

Justin Bieber at my Dad’s Restaurant ;)

Justin Bieber with the manager at my dad’s restaurant! It was his third time there!

Justin Bieber #1 Celebrity That Shows Real Commitment & Fans Interaction on Twitter

Justin Bieber may not be the┬ámost followed celebrity on twitter, but according to, he’s currently

Here’s Justin Bieber’s First Tweet Ever!

Twitter turns 8 years old today and to mark the anniversary, lets take a trip down

Justin Bieber Cemberut? Twitter Account Hacked by Indonesian

It looks like Justin Bieber was hacked today on Twitter. His account sent out several messages

Justin Bieber Hits 50 Million Twitter Followers on his 20th Birthday

Congrats Justin!