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Judge: “Justin Bieber’s Urinating in Jail Video Must be Edited Before Released To Public – He Has Right to Privacy”

A Florida judge ruled Tuesday (March4) that two of five video clips depicting Justin at a Miami Beach Police station in January showing his genitalia during a urine test MUST BE EDITED to protect his privacy. Miami-Dade County Judge William Altfield said in court: Mr. Bieber’s right to privacy is paramount. He has not lost… Read More »

Video: Justin Bieber Caught Peeing Into Restaurant Mop Bucket in NYC

A new video, posted on TMZ, shows Justin urinating in a restaurant’s mop bucket. The clip, which TMZ claims was taken earlier this year in NYC, appears to be shot by one of Justin’s friends as they laugh about his behavior. One friend said: We swagger man, this is just a walk to piss. that’s… Read More »