Where is Justin Bieber Right Now?

    • hoa no ik ok ok ok ko s no a to 1 justinbibr jam we lol a com facebook jjamella
      mom you d cam .co cal

      • Please come to hershey pa my friend allison have been saving up for a little less than a year we love you

      • Justin I love you! You need yo come to Sarasota, FL! We all love you! I will be the happiest girl in the world it you do!! <3

      • i love you justin and i just got the bieber cut out wish i could afford a concert but we cant right now….ill love you from far away!!

      • Justin please come to Greece in Heraklion please please please i need you here i’ve never seen you in a concert live :’( :)

      • well r u come to texas plz come i don’t think u came here yet its so pretty all i want for my b-day is to see u in concert :’( i love u so much people say ur gay but i know ur not I LOVE U JUSTIN BIEBER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • all i want for my B-day is to see u in concert i wish i could but the tickets might be to much for my parents :’(



      • Hey Justin,
        You will see me!
        And I just wanted to say that my friend Maisie is in love with you and she talkes about you all the time she has about fifty posters on her wall!
        She really wants to meet you!
        (I do too!)
        Lots of love Erin xxx

      • Hi my name is grace .
        you are my model and u alway will be .
        me and 2 more girls at school call are self the biebets .
        i am going to your consert on thursday .
        i reaaaaaaaallllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy wwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnntttttttttttttttttttt to marry u .
        i love u sooo much xxxxxxxxx

        p.s. love u x1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

      • I love you with all my heart and hope to someday see you in concert and I WILL BE YOUR ONE-LESS LONELY GIRL! <3

      • justin i love you soooo much an i would do anythangb to gets tickets to see u ughhhhh i love u soo much my room is done in u an my allmost 5 year old sister she loves u she has cryed four u

      • i lovee you justin i wanna go to your concert 4 maa birth day aha im turning 14 on june !!! yaay love you big fan !!!

      • i hope its really you justin! your welcome and we will always be right behind you every day! its really hard to defend you everyday @ school but its totally worth it. there are approx. 5 belibers at my school and we set em straight. stay awesome! bye!

      • hey justi.. ur amazing and i think u should so come back to Ottawa.. i went to ur concert.. but i didn’t get to meet u .. so u should come back (= <3 love you.. and i am a true belieber!! <3

        -Love Amanda (=

        <3 xoxo <3

      • plzzzzzz plzzzzzzzz come to toronto plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz even thought you probly wont but please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE……………………………………………………………………………………………………………PLEASE……………….EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :(

      • Wow u ni jb look at his twitter on the side his name is together not spaced out dum as s oh ya real Justin if u c this stuff I luvvvv u pls I’m no a super fan like those whack jobs that give death threats to Selena Gomez cuz they think ur dating ya right there sacks I have lived Selena Gomez sinc i was 2 and loved u since u were born lol :) anyways I loooooooooove u so much

      • hey justin bieber love your music and you, tell selena i said hey and im happy your happy XD

      • i wish i lived in the uk i cant 1 buy a ticket 9 to expencive 2 you never came to a town close to mine

      • Well, will you be visiting Southeast US again? Haven’t even seen one of your concerts yet.

      • i hate selna gomez just break up with justin bieber for ever and i hope you selna gomez don’t talk to justin bieber fever

      • Hi justin
        this is me
        sara,from iran
        i’m fifteen years old.
        Justin i love you so much and i want to see you .
        Don’t you want come to asia or iran?
        I love you justin

      • Iluhyou ! Your soo ah-mazing !
        Don’t listen to what the haters think . Cause you know your ah-mazing. Even ah-mazinger then Cody Simpson ! :)

      • Omg!!!! Luv Ya justin!!! Me and my friend posted a hilarius vid about our voyage 2 find u check it out soon!!!!

      • OMG…………. I loove u justin!! ahhhhhh ur voice amazing and everything!! and btw wtver all the boyz say that’s bad about u they r jus jealous of u remember that!! i love you!! :) <3

      • OMG….. u rock! ur voice amaaaazing and I wish u da best! and btw wtver all the boyz say bad about u theyr just jelous!! always remember dat K? I LOVE YOUU!! :) <3

      • Justin Bieber I Love u so much and i will never 4get u i WILL NEVER !!!!!!!!!!!! i want u to come to maryland again in 2011 and i want u to do a tour and i want vip passes and front row and to be ur one less lonely girl i no im askin alot like alot and alot but tht is my dream and i hope it comes true sometime and someday justin bieber i lv u and i hope to c u somewere near my school or in maryland or whereever well i got to go bye from claire and i hope u get this so u can read it to.

      • Dear Justin Bieber,
        I am like in LOVE with you, you are adorable.
        I’m not likin the new haircut too much, but that doesn’t stop me. (:
        I would do ANYTHING to see you. To hear you. Just anythingggggg. you’re too freakin cute to be with Selena Gomez.
        Are you ever gonna come to… Kansas City Missouri?
        You should.. (:
        I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!!!

      • is that really justin beiber if i could meet jb i would die i love him i gave never been to onen of his concert i hav enever seeen him in life i live in a smalll town and i never get to go big places o lov him soo much i wish you could play at my town i have never had any thing like that happen to me but u can never stop draeming :) -love

      • Why doesn’t JUSTIN BIEBER come and tour to our country Myanmar(Burma) ?????
        plz STOP!!! ~ discrimination to us!!!!! ~ JUSTIN BIEBER

      • Why doesn’t JUSTIN BIEBER come and tour to our country Myanmar(Burma) ?????
        plz STOP!!! ~ discrimination to us!!!!! ~ JUSTIN BIEBER!!!

      • Hi justin.I was always trying to chat with you tho.You the best i saw your movie nsn3d. I was so about to cry at the end i was the second one there i saw my friend there me my friend and my cuz was in the front one.I really love you music i dont just like your fame because you are famous i love you because your you.You fan Aurionne {r-re-on}

      • ILove You So Much Justin Drew Bieber I Wish I Could Go To your Concerts Im Not Rich Though Ahh ILove YOU <3 <3 <3 <3

      • i love u justin u r my role model and without u im nothing i wish u the best of luck and i wish u can come to madison square garden and make a concert here in new york! love ya bye lotz of hugs and kisses!

      • hello justin,I am 14yrs old from India.I want to be a singer like u.I can sing but I need support.I have no money,no band to compose tunes for song,no support.so,what can i do.i really need help so what can i do.PLEASE PLEASE………….. HELPPPPP MEEEEEEEEEEEE…………..Please reply me on rohin_awasthi@yahoo.com .I WILL WAIT FOR YOUR REPLYYYY.


      • i love you justin bieber ive been a fan since ur first vid im 11 wish u could come to chicago i would do anything just to see u personaly i would go to ur concert but we dont have money like that i love u

      • HI JUSTIN!!! i just thought i would say hi lol…well me and my lil sis r ur biggest fans:P i really hope to meet u one day:/ i am saving up for it so hopfully it will be soon:) i have just always wanted to just chillin with my fav famous people for just one day:/ hopefully i will be able to meet them all:) well i g2g i will ttyl:) i love u and i hope u have fun on ur tour!:P

      • i never see you justin i want ti see you in prson we have things in comin when i can i see you not in a consert to much mony

      • i love justin so much i am crying over you please texts me at 3566391 PPPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE TEXTS ME

      • when are u coming to missouri?? btw i saw your movie and cried it was really inspireing <3 you!

      • justin will you PLEASE come to riverbend…its in ohio! i am a HUGE fan!!!!! i love you sooooo much! even though i am a crazed fan i can control myself…dont worry! but justin PLEASE come to riverbend!!!! :)

      • If this rlly is u Justin, come to NJ!!!!!! Home of your fist pump in beliebers :) lol. If u come I guarantee I’ll b the first one there I’m hard miss. Just look for the girl peeing her pants :) lol jk but it’s probably true luv ya Justin<33333::3

      • OMG!!!!!! I love you justin!!!! I hope you come to Rupp Arena sometime!!!!!!! Love you!!!!!!! :)

      • Please read this guys, even though its long please read it:
        Sorry to burst your bubble guys, but I agree with Shay Shawtie. You are really gullible. Anyone could log in to a site and change there name to Justin Bieber. If he really new about this site he would post it as an official fan site on Facebook or twitter. Guess what? He has not. I don’t want to be rude. Shiana its gotten really easy to use computer graphics to change a random porn vid. into Justin and Selena. If you were a real Belieber you would be happy for Justin because he is happy with Selena, and you would know that Justin would never do that. Imagine if you kept getting death threats. Face it, your just another fan, its a one in a million chance that you will ever meet him, let alone date him. He likes older people, not younger, or maybe thats just a rumor. But it shouldn’t matter. Guess what you have succeeded in hurting Selena. Happy now? I hope you are because I know Justin isn’t. When Selena smiles, he smiles. But with all these death threats Selena isn’t smiling. All your doing is hurting them both. Sorry for the lecture but its true and I really wish people would let the couple be. I know you would if you were a true belieber, but obviously, you are not, for you are against Jelena strongly enough to threaten her, but if you get them to brake up, it will be hard to get Justin to smile. Good luck ruining a lot. Trust me I get annoyed to when everyone is talking nonstop about Jelena, but just deal with it. Its not like its going to last forever, but the longer the better, because it will keep Justin happy. Selena is a fine girl and believe it or not, Justin is changing her, she’s not changing Justin. Justin would have flipped paparazzi of be4 he even met Selena. If I keep going no one will want to read this, but I have a lot more to say.


      • justin i love u so so so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

      • hey whatz up ur so cute u need to cme to maquoketa iowa to meet me u need to go to the middle school!!!!!???? :)

      • i love you Justin!!!!!!!:) you’re such a good guy!!!!!!!!!!!!I’m such a huge fan!!!!If i met you face to face I’d probably Pass out!! Just seeing you on TV makes me scream!!!!!

      • Justin Bieber I have a crush on you because I’m gay. I love you. I want to date you, have sex with you, sleep with you and marry you. Starting next year I want to give you a romantic birthday kiss on your Birthday every year.

      • i def. agree with DIG THAT …

      • hi justin! im a huge fan and i love you a lot. i am new on explore talent and i hope you can help me get discovered. i always wanted to sing a duet with u!! well good luck on your tour and love ya!!!
        p.s., hope this isn’t a lot to ask. xoxo

      • i want to meet u so bad i want u come to nh sooooo bad i have never ever been to one of ur concerts and i really really want to go im dieing to go <3

      • hey justin hi love u sooooo much can u come to bridge port plz u have soo much fans plz plz plz i never got to see u in a concert and i love ur song love me OMG u write so much nice songs and i dont know wat i would do if u were not fanmouse bye justin i love you

      • when u coming to nc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • i love justin loads and to all u guys im really gunna “SHAG JUSTIN BIEBER!!!” im actually gunna and dnt doubt this Selena Gomez! x

      • OMG! I saw you in Newark! I cried! Justin come back to MSG I am saving my money for the day that I get to see you in concert! I wish i was the “One Less Lonely Girl”

      • I LLOOOVVVEE U SSOOO MMUUUCCCHH!!!I want to be ur one less lonely girl .Plez giv out ur number.And these comments should really be monitored. XOXOXO

      • I love u I love every thing about u i will give up any thing to see u or meet u i love u PLEASE COME TO CANADA PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

      • justin i just wanna say do you ever came to Jordan ? if u where u stay what hotel ? what ctiy please answer ……………..
        oh i forgot i love u so much …… <3

      • justin..:)bieber i love you.. your like so hot,,i mean who? can get as hot as you,,ha no 1 can,because your like so pretty!!well i LoVe J.B! bye;)!! LOVe,morgan dennis.. your 1# fann!!

      • hi justin! plz come to cincinnati ohio sometime really soon! everytime i try to buy your tickets they are always sold out :*( lots of love! love you! <3 love emily

      • heeey we love you too and dont you forget it :) you should come back to your home town we miss you much byee

      • Hey Justin!
        My Name is Isabel,I’m 13 and I live in Marion,Indiana. My big sister,Taya,and friend,Paige,are huge fans! Taya knows basically Everything about you,and,now,so do I.
        But ,anyways, I was visiting my twin cousins,Mari&Liss,both 13,and they were telling me about how they went to a JoBro’s concert,and they told me that we have an uncle that actually has met you before! And,well,frankly,I didnt know who you were at the time,so I didn’t care,but I just remembered yesterday,well,about him having met you.
        Well,you see,I have a majior prob! I told Taya,and now she expects me to get her tickets to your show! But I honestly don’t have a clue about how I’m going to get them! because Mari nor Liss ever mentioned my uncles’ name! Can you please help me,Justin? I would be forever grateful,and I’d owe you BIG TIME! His last name might be Soto,or be related to a Soto family,and all my family is Hispanic!

        PLEASE HELP!!!!!

      • Oh,I didn’t type that right! The thing about how I visited my cousins and the JoBro’s concert and my uncle,I forgot to mention that my uncle WORKS for the JoBro’s.sorry bout not mentioning that!!!

      • hi justin bieber can u plz come 2 merced california plz i ove u your my number 1 fan and i am not lieing love u

      • Hey Justin, I seen some rumours on here. i really hope there not true! Im a huge fan but if i seen a really bad rumour. i think i would melt down in tears! I love you alot xx From Shaya

      • jb pls pls pls come to the philiphines i seriousley want 2 meet you live but i never ever got the chance cuz mom and dad always forget and i seriousley wanna see u in person even my little sis got starstruck by yur movie. every 1 from my school talks about you u just cant believe howmuch i would sacrifice for a concert like the 1 u had at the EDISSON SQUARE GARDEN. I HOPE U COME AND MAKE NOT ONLY ME BUT LOTS AND LOTS OF OTHER GIRLS AROUND THE PHILS. AND TROUGH OUT THE WORLD.sending lots of love as my heart can *hearts=anika tenerife

      • I think that there is no belibers in Nepal!!1So, i am only the one.So, i am a true beliber.In my school one of the boy’s group said that u are gay so i have planned to poision their food.!!!!1
        I am Sadikshya Subedi from Nepal(the country of Mount Everest).I am 13 years old girl.I read in class 7.I love u Justin.I think Pattie Mallete will be my Mother-in-law but i feel sometime it is not possible cause i am from family which is not so rich but not so poor .My family is a average family.I have two sister they are also a true beliber.Ther also love you too much.Either i will mary Justin or i will let my lil sister Yuna to marry Jaxon.J+S Or J+Y.Notin is imposible to get so it is also possible to reach to my and my sister’s Destiny.Have’t you heard of Never say Never song?|???????
        Just no turning back when my heart’s under attack gonna give everythig i have cause it’s my destiny!!!!!!!!!!!I will Never say never i will fight till Forever.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1Love You Justin,Jazzy,Jaxon,Pattie and Jeremy.Please send me your message at:
        but i will often us Sadikshya66yahoo.com.so please try hard to send me message at Facebook/Sadikshya Subedi or Sadikshya Bieber

      • justin if u read this i just want u to know that i think ur the greatest guy in the world!!!!!! and that i pray 4 u every night. and that ive never been 2 1 of ur concerts and i would love to go to 1!!!! I THINK UR AMAZING!!!!!!!

      • Me and my friend r probubly the biggest bilebers u will ever meet we know how much u Waigh n how tall u r n even ur blood type I know that sounds kinda sounds kinda stalkerish but that’s how much we LOVE u!! We have been saving up for years just to see u in concert

      • hii justin i looooove you with all my heart and i love your music you make me cry always because i hope to see just one time i leave in united arabic emirat (uae) i looove you pleas send to me just a one message this is my email :
        bye with all my love <3<#<3<3<3<3<3

      • i luv u soo freakin much all in my room theres like 8 posters of u on my wwall…i <3 justin.

      • iloveu so so much and i went to ur concert and it wasamazing i lovedit when u sand favorite girlin the love heart ahhhhhh.evie xxx <3

      • but u are not coming 2 India so i cant meet u or nither u r coming 2 coooch behar west Bengal where i live…………

      • omg i lovvvve you justin and i have one question….. do u actually read the comments??? anyways i love you and ill always be a true belieber

      • Justin Bieber i really want you tto come to Oklahoma:) cause i really thank you cuteee lol and i have never be to a concert and want you to my frist:) ILOVE YOU ~*Justin Bieber*~

      • love u tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo xxxxxxxxxx>3 :)

      • hey i love u jb r u coming to partland this year??????????????????????????????????????? plz justin love ya to

      • hi justin bieber…
        I LOVE YOU SO MUCH..

      • i love u justin bieber, please come to queensbury so many people want to see u. at least i have a livesize cardboard cutout of you to snog, but i would really like to snog the real u. i love u

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      • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! hi justin ur my idol! hope u come to florida! i really want to meet u… kk im 11 and ya byee! <3

      • Hi justin i think ur amazing. U have went thru alot and u keep going. Ur an amazing person i wish i could meet u but i know thats not possible because u have alot of fans. Well i just wanted to tell u that ur amazing and i will always be a fan no matter what.

      • love you so much justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • hi justin are you coming on facebook or not because your fans are waiting for you please come on april 4 i miss you and will you come to india if you so please give me a reply on facebook.

        See ya swastiki.

      • Hey Justin I love u so much and we have so much in common I love u so much will u come back to Saskatoon I was born there bit now I live in a small town called norquay Saskatchewan hop I will meet you in the future
        Love rayne

      • Justin, You light up my life
        your an angel sent down from heaven to embrace us with your heartfelt music
        your the best thing that ever happened to this world
        my heart longs for you
        my soul dies for you
        my eyes cry for you
        my empty arms reach out for you
        because i love you

      • hi justin just wanted you to no that i like love you and i really want to meet you and selena but i probly wont because my family isnt the richest and we cant afford tickets but i still love you

      • thanks justin…im not coming to your concert and i live in norfolk and my mom just lost her job but thanks for all your love…crying

      • Hey Justin i was talking to your gf on chatroom did u get the txt that i told her to send u by the way my name is Gracie i love love love love love love love love u!!!

      • Hey my name is shannon I am 11 years old
        I am a really big fan I would love to meet
        You its been my dream to meet you please
        Make it come true it would make me so
        Happy please reply to this message
        I love u justin I live at 31 cotmandene
        Cresent br5 2re orpington kent love u
        All the best love shannon xxxxxx

      • OH My GOd…. Im very Excited TO see JUSTIN BIEBER IN MANILa..BUt unluckyly I dont money to buy tickets… But still I want to say jet’aime to you justin…. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU… SO fOR all HIs haters… Please stop whatever you’re doing just to make Justin Bieber look good ok…

      • Thanks to JB for being the perfect gut your the best I hope to someday meet you. and for all you haters hes just another great gut that god created. Except that and move on. And to JB KEEP UP THE AMASING WORK your realy an inspiring person we love you!*************************


      • OMG justin bieber please come down to smithers british columbea please some people here cant aford going to ur concerts and all of my friends love u please can we go on ur tour please im begging u !!!!!!!! everytime i see u i scream so loud i dont care were ever im at

      • dear justin i really wish u could come to kentuky.its nice and guite and poparosie woudent find u its nice and free here,thanx rachel
        love u 1000500000000000000000000000700000000000000900000000000000000000000000000900000000000000000000070000000000000780000000000000000000900000000000000000000000000009090000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000p000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000007000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000070000000000000000000009000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000999000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000099999999999999999999999000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000XTIMES

      • hey justin bieber i love you so much xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo i live in new jersey and i never get to see you in real life but i am 11 years old i hope that i get to see you i love your songs and i love your dance moves and everthing about you. i know how to dance of your moves and know how to sing. I miss you so much. everynight i put your music on and start to dream and think about you. i ssing your song really good. I hope you see me.

      • hey justin bieber i love you so much xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo i live in new jersey and i never get to see you in real life but i am 11 years old i hope that i get to see you i love your songs and i love your dance moves and everthing about you. i know how to dance of your moves and know how to sing. I miss you so much. everynight i put your music on and start to dream and think about you. i sing your song really good. I hope you see me.

      • hey justin its elisa hahaha hope yu can come by newark california so tht we can all meet yu u ar the cuttest guy ever well hope i can meet yu someday in person welll love yaa i<3jb

      • Hi Justin! Your life must be so hard with girls chasing you all the time! No kidding, if I saw you I’d probably chase you, but I can’t help that! :) Wierd thing is, my favourite colours are blue and purple, but to me it’s important what kind of blue that is! Please email me. You inspire me and because of you I learnt how to play the piano. I’ve passed a couple of exams and I’m not stopping there! Not for now anyway. I’m not a quitter. My email is lyssi@live.co.uk. You’re special…

      • hi
        this is me
        sara from iran
        justin i have a question from you:
        i put many mail in your e-mail adress but you didn`t answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        ok.i love you so much justin.

      • hi justin,
        i’m like ur bigggest fan ily so much,i’d do anything to meet you
        please come back 2 the UK

      • luv u 2 jb! u r so awesome so there are alot of rumors around who r u dating? Luv u so much! u inspired me 2 write songs! Luv u! <3 :D

      • luv u 2 jb srry cant come 2 the tour im not allowed. :.( i luv u so much! u inspired me 2 write songs! who r u dating? lots of rumors. :D

      • @KiannaFrench , shaima , emily , Lyssi , savannah & alyssa Hey Girls…Some of you left yur e-mails or numbers!well guess what?i got them.i well call u/email u ASAP.i promise…sorry i being…going…out..TOO MUCH…;) with @SelenaGomez D: Shaima i read yur other comment sorry for not really love you too.So guys/girls i pick 4-6+ gurls and reply to them so gurls you might be lucky!

      • hi!!!!!sorry im a fan but my parents…not so much. and id love to meet u but cant only listen to ur songs.thanks!

      • Hey ! Hope U Can Come To Morocco If U Know Where That is ! Just Wanna Hear U Sing Live ! I am a Fan But Not an Obssesd One ! :)

      • I love u 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!here is a quite type of poem from me 2 u!!!!!!!!! Ready????? I am a lover not a fighter, but I will fight for who I love:) and I love uuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:);) love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Justin:)

      • justin im 11 plzz come to fort worth texas just for me justin i love u i got u on my wall and i kiss it everyday

      • <3 Just wanna sya,,,I LOVE LOVE love you jB,,,

      • hey i love you so much.i know a girl name antwyonia jones and she love u so much she went to ur concert.she’s my friend on facebook go and say hi to her plz thanks

      • u should come 2 richmond or roanoke va! ive always wanted to c u in concert but ur always so far away :(

      • Love you to.jb your a great person you never give up on ur fans and always remember never say never lov u

      • Cant wait to see “mistletoe” tonight at 7:54p.m. DONT FORGET ALWAYS BIELEB :) purple ninja beast.. haha love yhu justin hope i get to go to one of your concerts stay RAUHL kid :P

        <3 you always


      • Hi i love justin and i bet u do 2 but stop making horribla comments its really mean also i love ur song and yall should check out jacob latimore he can sing kk g2g bye

      • SERIOUSLY????? do you really think that we would belieb that your Justin Bieber???? anyone can pose as him on this thing!

      • Hi Justin Bieber I LOVE YOUR SONGS COULD you ever come to somerville I never been in one of your concert wish i could go to one bye YOUR BIGEST FAN KENIA FROM SOMERVILLE bye JB :)

      • Hey Justin your fan number doesn’t work on my phone it’s a Andriod and it doesn’t work.I wrote a book called Heart Breaking Bieber And you’ll be Bieberific in my movie! Can you come to Peine Ridge Elementary on March 23rd for the movie It’s in Wentzville.Or try 116 hickory trail or call me 3145981409 Some of my friends are in it only 3 friends One counting me two Haley three Caeli we are very sweet we are big fans bring security if you need we want to hug you no other thing that’s it you do not have to owe me money My characters name is Ali Bieber your 11 year old sister. You play as the Hot brother Justin Bieber and my friend haley plays as Chealsea and Caeli plays as Sam My friend Julie Play as Jewel Bring and 18 year old girl that u love and she can be in the movie Ali gets upset that you tell everything to her but not that you have a girlfriend and Ali tells you everthing also and you find out That Ali has a boyfriend. And you argue And Ali says in a teary voice “Your nothing but a heartbreaking Bieber and goes upstairs in her room and crys in her pillow and you make it up to her with a Mistletoe concert and A New song Called My Love And then Of Course Baby!!! I’m a Belieber and I love Justin Hot drew Bieber! Love with Kisses,

      • Justin babe I live in wentzville and u dont put a concert there. That means u hate me and u dont love me Justin come see me please

      • is this really justin bieber because if it id i lov u totally my room is field with pictures of u every thing i get is all about u i never seen Ur concerts i wish idid i wish i was the girl that u can call i wish u could text me right now im going to cry im going to cry again and again

      • hey,justin i miss U very much please call me, my cell number is 7209982502. A day without U is like a year without rain.

      • justin i used to not like your stuff but now i say yr movie and i really liked it you inspired be to become a singer and it has become a dream you are really kahool! i think you are cute too! it would be so rad if you came to boise, idaho i know all of yr fans will come at least 6 hours or more just to see you in person! thank you for being a great person that i look up to! hope to see ya come to boise!!!!!!

      • Im not a jj freak but im a fan. I sing to so u call 7542465049 to here how i sound & we can be in a grp together
        love ,theo

      • Four things (1) when u come to london, can you come to Parliament Hill School for girls, its like full of beliebers, (2) I love you, not just for your looks (3) say that u love me <3 (4) is the peSron that has their name as 'Justin Bieber' really justin bieber? xox mwahh

      • please stay in los angels or riverside for like 3 days so i can c you one day heres my number 951 990 5654 ok make sure you call me ok i love justin NEVER SAY NEVER bye

      • i always wish to go to one of your tour but i dont have much money to go to one of the concerts it would be a wish coming true i guess ill just see u in my dreams message me back if not is okay love u jb forever

      • hey justin beiber come to kissmes and sing in the mall and it might be good i just love you 10./. show me a ggreat song so i love ur musica alot i am 13 years old come :) :#

      • Hey Justin I just want to say no matter what u do u will always have alot of fans that truely LOVE u. I know cause I’m 1 of them :) and we all will be there for u…. and as far as ur haters go F*** them all… I LOVE U JUSTIN BIEBER :)…. Love Breylyn From AZ

      • Hey Justin Bieber I just wanted to say that no matter what u do u will always have fans that truely love u and are there for u I know that cause I’m one of them :)… and as far as ur haters go F*** them all… Because u have alot more Beleiber’s out there then u do haters…. I just wanted to tell u that…. I LOVE YOU…. I AM A BELEIBER 4 LIFE <3 :)


      • hey justin i just wanted to say i really enjoy ur music
        i wont be to ur belive tour but i have heared it is awesome :)

      • hey guys cant wiat to see you all at my concerts and I cant wait to spend a day with a lucky fan and a friend reply and I will pick one lucky fan love you guys

      • hey justin i was wondering if you had ay extra tickets for me and my family we really want to go but cant two reasons cant afford them and all sold out but if not i understand maybe one day i can come to your concert luv u so much

      • Omg I am your biggest fan in the whole wide world I going to your concert in Vegas I am you number 1 bieliver I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Are youu Really Justin.? :) Just need to say that im proud of youu and your perfect in every way! i live for youu and you’ve helped me believe in myself. Love youu.. And im sorry to hear about you and Selena breaking up. You two were the cutest!! I hope your ohkay.. I Live in a very mall town called ‘Yelarbon’ which is roughly a 3 hour drive from Brisbane Your the best :)))

        # Belieber ;) would love to meet you in person one day hint hint**

      • Hi jb i cannot wait. until. u come to Chicago IL. Lol luv u and my favorite color is purple. i am 18

      • ur not justin are you cuz if you are can u prove it????? im a fan dont worry im not a sico person!

      • I love you so much I’m sad that you are maried and had a kid! Oh and you also the best singer in the whole world!

    • Hey so My 3 year old daughter has a lil …well big crush on you and has all of your cd’s. Her name is Makenna and she wanted me to tell you that she will marry you when she gets older…lol have a good one.
      Makenna and mom

      • hey hey its me justin bieber i just wanted to let u no that i luv u all soo much. never say never

      • hey justin u didnt reply to my last message and i wanted to say i love you ur the best im 11 nut its been my dream for a while nopw to meet you and that would make me happy if i could meet you so please make it come true i would love for u to come to the uk london thats the country im from i cry secretly at night when my mum and brothers are asleep i dont have my dad in my life so i get very upset and i cry other u because i would love to meet you please could i meet you all my love from shannon xxxxxxxxx

      • hey justin (im not a crazed fan but you are alright) it would be great to win the quiz so i could spend the day with you because you are a really good singer and i think we would get on really well together because i am a really good rapper and u are a really good singer like i said i would like to spend the day with you because it would be a chance for me too get to no you and get on with each other all my love remel p.s i am 8 years old and it might seem young to you but still all u need to no is i am a fan and would love to meet you i am related to shannon who is a really big fan of yours and she would love to meet you too peace all my love your fan remel xxx

      • hey justin u havent replied to me at any of my messages and i really want to meeet you please justin let me have my dream and u can come to my house and meet me come back to the uk please i really want to meet u i cry at night because i want to meet u and havent had chance to i cry when i see u on telly or in shops i love u justin im here for u supporting u go justin love u loads please reply back to me xxxxxxxxx

      • hey justin its me shannon i would like to ask u a favour because i am a really big fan i would like to ask you if u could come to my birthday party on 27th of june 2011 im gonna be 12 and it would really make me happy i cry at night because i cant see u i cry when i see u on tv because i wish i could be there i cry when i hear people saying there going to ur concerts and i cant justin i cry because i love ur music and i love you i think we would get on together please let 0me meet u and u come to the uk please make my dream come true i love u justin all the best love always and forever shannon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      • One time, one less lonely girl, baby, never let you go, never say never, love me, bigger, favorite girl, first dance, eenie mini, runaway love, somebody to love, pray, down to Earth, that should be me, u smile, Up, stuck in the moment, overboard, common denominator, born to be somebody, where are you now, set a place at the table, rich girl……only SOME of the great songs he has!!!!!!!

      • Soo…yeahh. You know…. sometimes I wonder if this is a real site……../: Because it is very easy for people to say that they are “Justin Bieber”, and have it turn out that it is all fake…I know people would not like that and probably would stop using this site, not trying to be rude or anything. People could very easily lie and say things that he would say…keep that all in mind!!!! I still LOVVVEEE Justin Bieber!!! <3 :)

      • Justin bieber why can’t you come to Macon and perform you fans down here would lyke it especially me love ya. kisses and hugs halo

      • never come to Detroit, Michigan i have a club with me my bff and my cousin PLESE PLESE PLESE

        P.S i luv u


      • i want you to be in dallas texas but i bet if you were i still wouldnt be able to see you because people tell me tickets cost alot and i would have to be in the front row but i’ll keep dreaming and never say never

    • hey justin i am a big big fan and i would love to talk to u!!!!!!!!! i luv your music and every thing about u!!!!!

      love your biggest fan,

      • hahah. I’m listening to one of his songs right now!! Soooo cool! my boyfriend thinks im weird cause I like Justin bieber…whatever, whats he gonna do? take my birthday away? lol! keep up the Ahhh-mazzz-inngg work JB! <3

      • Justin plz think of me call me shawtie keep me in mind and im new her show some love please stop justin ur making me cry my mascara is comming off i love u please talk to me justin stop ur making me cry the concert is in missouri i saw in a magazine u were in disney i’m going on a disney criuse to the bahamas i really want to meet u come to the bahamas its me and my dad plzz come on thursday! at the hotel idk what room number but say is dezmond perkins here and what hotel number be on the cruise and the plane to orlando florida then follow us ok can i sit by u on the plane because i sit by my dad all the time so plz come dont break my heart i love u love me 2 right? say it!

      • I LOVVVVVE YOU I LISTEN TO YOU SONGS EVERY DAY AND I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU P.S. can you come to cassa grande AZ i want to see you in person pllllllllzzzzzzz

    • Justin I am 6 and I love you  this is the ring you will get me i love you so much i have you all over my room

    • hey i hope u have a good time on tour u need a break from every thing text ya later bye and good luck dont break a leg this time and good luck with u and selena i am a little jeasouly but i can get over it i promise and i anit no hater like the people that hurting ur girl i promise i didnt make the death treats and if i did i would tell u and ur movie is awesome it really inspried people and like u said i will never say never i just wish i could get a chance with u text ya bye and good luck

    • I love JB :) he’s my world. I would walk Thousands and Thousands of miles just too see his cute face :) Justin Bieber I love you <3

      • Plz rite back justin Plz I love u ur my world ur my everything i dream about u day and night plz my bday is 12/31/00 suprize me i love u plz respond to my last message with an answer and say u love me mrs bieber i love u sweetie Justin Love u babe bye! I’m Bieber’sBabe 2 and BieberBabe!

    • hi justin im haveing my 11 birthday and i wanted to know if you could get ,e some tickets to your consert i live in michigan and i love you soooooooooooo mutch and i think your the best singer ever i was at the hospitall the other day and when i was crying all i thought about was you i wish you were there

      • Hey if this site is real maybe a chance of 1 in a million … I hope u see this Justin Bieber !! So Hii :) My name is Kauth I’m 13 and I really really wanna meet u Justin!! I wanted that for my birthday but my mom wouldn’t buy me a ticket…… I just wish u could call me or meet me or sumthing ….. My number is 0724342382 and bb pin 26258572 and I live at 45 Haywood Road Crawford Cape Town!! I really love u !! Ur soo sweet !.. Wish everyday that I might meet u !! I really love ur songs !! :) <3 ur such an amazing and inspiring person!! Don't worry about all those stupid things sum of these girls says ….. #Justin Bieber and just wanna talk to u (H) !! Hope 1 day that day will come !! Love u !! Wanna see u soon ! But I guess that will just be in my dreams ……….

    • please come to mississippi please pull up in my driveway i love you soo much!!!!!!!!!!! please come on and dont go back home i love you soooooooooooooooooooo much! i cant stop listing to your music i listen to it today i love you soooooooooooooooo mu ch! jb!!!!!!!!! please kiss me xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

      • I LOVE him SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much too! I am his #1 fan!
        He is SOOOOOOOOOOO talented and my dream is to meet him! I listen to his songs 24/7 and well… LOVE him!!!:)<3 <3 <3

      • you do not know that justin is pop singer i like his headstyle i want to make same just like his head style

      • hi justin
        i am your biggest fan every night i sleep and i close my eye i see me and u in the future i live in trinidad please have a concert in trinidad or come by me i live at pepper village fyzabad please come do not let me down

      • hai i don’t like u but i like ur songs im not interested on u . i know tht u don’t like me justin just leave it ok

    • Hi Justin. Come back to Toronto! I went to your concert and i loved it! I also went to see never say never <3 your the best!

    • Hello,.
      Justin Bie ber i am your biggest fan
      i will never let you out of my heart.,
      Every night i have to cry my self to sleep .
      I live in ontario like toronto .
      uhmm if it is possible can u email me please

    • Hi Justin!!!!!!!!!!!
      I love u with all heart…..
      I wish u will come to my 15…….
      My 15 are in 3years…..
      I hope u come……
      I love u…..
      I know that selena and u are going out……
      I wish to go out with u when i becomen a singer like selena gomez,………….
      My name is stephanie i live in Vieland,Nj….i go to sabeter school if u whant to cime,,,,,

      • hi justni my name is joysesharan i like your voice and iam one of the fan of you and i like you so much

      • hi justin my name is joysesharan i like your voice and iam one of the fan of you and i like you so much please come to india

      • Yap!! After u come to India then please come to Nepal(the country of Mount Everest)!!Please!! Only the fan(Sadikshya) Is watin for u in Nepal at the capital Kathmandu!!!!!!please come to India and after that come to Nepal please!Please like Bryan Adams came to India then in Nepal!!<3 <3 u Justin Biebs please Only the fan who ignore and kill the people who says u Gayyy!!!!!!!!!!Every is my enemy who says Justin is Gayyyy(even my Father,sister but not mother)and can kill them if u say
        I love u vvvvv much

      • ey is this justin bieber i love u so much i no every thing a bout u and im onley 8 i just love u so much if its u now i love uuuuuu soooooooooooooo much:)

      • hey i love you justin i am a belieber and just keep making your music and having fun with fans and more:) hope i can go to one of your concerts well :) love u justin bye and u should see me and my friends room it has no wall showing and its all filled with posters of you:P thats how much we adore you well i am saving up to come to one of your concerts and go up on stagea sooo love u bye

    • Dear Justin Bieber,
      My name is savannah lynn hoskins i am not a stalker fan.I am just a reguler fan,who loves your music.I love you not like all the other girls do.I love your personality.I have never been to any consert including yours.I would love to go this summer.I live in harrogate,tennessee.
      If you see this tell me at hoskins_savannah@yahoo.com .
      your fan,

    • What does everybody see in jb? Really? Hes probs just a self centered famous guy. He just wants the fame. You girls all have eyes, use em’.

      • Your mean. He’s living his dream as a singer and we see every thing in him he was meant to be born with stardom you gotta admit he’s Taleted

      • you no what you can talk alot of smak but your just gelose that your not him!!!!!!!!!! how’s with me

    • well i dnt no yy all yall fans can just leave justin and selena alone and buy the way justin im a huge fan of yours im 17 and if i ever meet u i wouldnt freck outt welll my number is (940)553-4060

      • you calld her stupid she is famous her name is alyssa shouse go on youtube everyone she has a amazing voice when i first saw her music video overnight celeberty ft.jason durelo i loved it check it out if you are a belieber,

      • Yeaaahhh. You are just jealous!!! Cause you don’t have all the fame that he does. Really…why do you even waste your time on this site if you don’t even like him…I mean really!

        ~True Kobe Bryant, and Justin Bieber Fan!


      • i think jb is super cute! i love him jsut like all of the other girls do. i love u justin bieber. u are so so hott! i hope to meet u some day.

      • i think jb is super cute! i love him jsut like all of the other girls do. i love u justin bieber. u are so so hott! i hope to meet u some day. also when do u come to la for a concert?

    • hi justin ur soooooooooooooo cute i wish i can come to one of your concerts someday im such a big fan i listen to your song everyday i sang one of your song in my talent show sometimes i cry when i see u on tv cuz im so happy to see your cuteeee face i have posters all over my room of u u r my screen saver on my phone and laptop every time somebody talk about u i come to ur rescue and say something back i luvvvvvvvvv u im ur number one fan also i started a club about u at school well thts it i luvvv u i wish i could see u bye

    • I said, You look just like Justin Bieber, in Palm Springs California, was with his Dad but dad ooked a little grayer than his pix do

      • Hey i love you so so so so much!!!!:) The movie was GREAT too. I will be praying for you and supporting you. And dont forget that all your fans look up on you!!!! Luv ya:)

      • hey i want to become a singer too so u might be on a few songs with me haha im not like an overly crazed fan i just like ur music thats all haha i like remixing ur songs and making them new i have a passion for singing im goog at it too the probmem is that i dont know where to start ive been singing and singing and singing so maybe we could meet up one day and let me sing 4 u also i am trying to be ur friend on skype so i can sing a song 4u u bye

      • Justin Bieber i love you to after your tour will you please come to Oklahoma PLease please:)))




      • I really want to see you Justin… I hope I can watch yur concert in Manila, Philippines…

        Cris Jean + Justin Drew = Juris Dean… chow..Love yah

      • aww, no worries justin. il support you through anything :) i love you <3 im coming to your concert but im not close to the stage :( so that majorly sucks.. but im just happy knowing that you there an so am i .. oxoxoxo

      • Justin listen 2 me call me and kiannafrench is important 2 u How come im not im new here Justin i love u but ur making my mascara comming off call me i think about u call me love u!

      • Justin please promise me that u will reply to my message
        My name is minal and please don’t forget me
        Please pick me to reply to u. I’ve never met u before

      • Justin please promise me that u will reply to my message
        My name is minal and please don’t forget me
        Please can u pick me to reply back. I’ve never met u before

      • hi bieber im adiba , in my eyes im the biggest fan of urs,
        justin u r so cute but u never give my rely please give !
        cant u give a reply which is full of love.
        but then also i love u so much
        u know what i cant sleep at night without seeing ur image & lisening to ur songs sepiccialy baby and im also learning hip hop on ur songs i want 2 write more but u need reply my messages goodbye.
        love u more than selena.

      • hi bieber im adiba , in my eyes im the biggest fan of urs,i wanna see u in india after coming from canada
        u need reply my messages goodbye.
        love u more than selena.

    • I looooooooooooove justin biber!!!!!!!!!! he is my fave teen pop star and his singing and dancing are incredible!!!!!!! my fave music video is SOMEBODY TO LOVE because the dancing is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish he was in america because i TOTALY miss him right now!!!!!!!! i am writing a report on him for school and i love seeing pics of him updated for my paper……. waaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! i am the ULTIMATE BELIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    • justin…why you makes me crazy ?why did you let me be sad because it did’nt get tickets?hemm justin..only you in my heart..you don’t know how much my love to you..and,i just wanna be with you bieber..do you love me ?hemm i hope yes..but,huh..impossible..haha yeah of course..never mind,I could only dream to meet you bieber..i just can say this “i love you to death ,bieber “ok bye.. :)

    • heyy justin

      can you pleaseeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!come to detroit MI, ive been beging my mom can i see im one of your biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • hi how are yhu my name is heather i luv your music. im yhur BIGGEST fan my friend sara luvs yhu to te fullest she has ever single pster of yhu but im not sure tht this is actrully yhu maby it just some person tht wants fame. write me back if this is really yhu. ps where are yhu

    • Dear Justin Bieber in place ….
      Hello Justin, my name Adristi Ramadhani. You can call me Adis.
      First of all, I will introduce where I was from. I come from Indonesia, in 1000 the island nation.If Justin come to Bali, you will see the beauty of the island, you can see the Sunset and Other.
      Lastly, when you come to Indonesia? concert tickets you’ve been hunted by teenage girls. Stop by sometime to the city of Surabaya, Indonesia. Habitation was there.
      Sorry if I load a lot of requests for you. A few from me,
      Greetings dear,
      Adristi Ramadhani
      Surabaya, 10 April 2011

    • hey cutie im emily your biggest fan i really want to acctully meet u and can i have your mobile number im not a girl who gives famous peoples number out so can i plz would y go out with me plz loveu

    • i luv u justin plz try 2 find me im in love with u i wrote so many songs after soccer pactice 2day! i want 2 have yo kids and marry u,baby!

    • To all his fans,

      Some of you think your dating him and think ur his girlfriend but the one thing is your not and i know i’m not either. At the end of the day he has a life and sometimes a private life as well and Justin Bieber loves all his fans no matter what but if u obess or sobber over him then what are you doing? Just saying.


    • Justin, I;m not going to say that i am your Number 1 fan….that should be your family. So I guess that makes me your #2 fan :) Bangor or Augusta Maine is waiting for you! <3

      ~True Kobe Byrant and Justin Bieber fan!

    • Justin Bieber really needs to come to the Bangor Waterfront and do a concert! 3 stand- up posters, along with 72 posters on my wall. I think I’m a fan! I would have more but I have no more room. I also have posters in my locker! I saw his movie the first day that it was in theaters. But I do have a life. :) i love Kobe Bryant and Justin Bieber!!!!! And I love racing my dirtbike! Pleaseeeee come to the Bangor, Maine waterfront! <3

    • Justin is in Timmins, Ontario , Canada visiting his aunt and family . He was in the local shopping mall yesterday and is camping at Star Lake.

    • Hey bieber where are you know i hope you and selena live a long happy life together nice hair tell ur family i said hi whens ur next concert and where i have to take my cousin.
      nicemovie tell sean kigston and ur friends and jaden smith usher and everyone else i said hi.

      sincerly, victoria :)

    • Yo!
      so my fans gone crazy, i found this website just today…and i think its pretty cool.
      kinda creepy, because my fans know exactly where i am and stuff…kinda…stalkerish…just saying…but its still swag.
      To the posers:
      You dont know me, you think you have enough info about me to make a fake account on twitter or facebook. but the only thing you do is spread rumours and make my life even harder. what is the point of posing me? so please, just stop posing!

      • Hi jb I love u so mich will u marry me I have * lot of stuff of u my dream is 2 become a star like u all I want is 2 have a look of u in person I pray ever tight 4 me just 2 see u have 4 my dream 2 become true like your nd there is still 1 more thing when are u going 2 come nd singing in cape town that is were I live I rally love u I am ur biggist fan of all time pls mack my dream come true

      • im not poising you and i love u to bits best fan ever i got all your albums and photos and im not on facebook and all them crap emails stuff

      • hay justin im not poising you i watch your film nearly every day never say never say i love you justin it is funny when they have to carry you ofthe truck lol i really love you and that is true and tell seleana not to make you change your hair style again like that it is horrible and one day i swaer i meet you i swear love u loads xxxxxxxxxx from your best freind ever jodie

      • hai i don’t like u but i like ur songs im not interested on u . i know tht u don’t like me justin. just leave it ok

    • OMG!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHH!!!!!!!! IM A GUY!!!!!1 AHHHH!!!!!!!! ASK ME ABOUIT MY WEINAAAAA HMU JB STOP PRETENDING I KNOW UR GAY ;) 561 319 6591

      • Hey Justin it’s sexy Angelsamantha
        Nicole Bieber 21
        I am single boyfriend
        I have a huge crush on you since
        Day1 I have your new calendar of
        2014 & the Xbox 360 presents
        My world tour production
        Poster I have 13 posters&1
        Sticker I Love you
        Boyfriend 3x<<<<<
        Love Samantha sexy angel xxx

    • To Justin i relly wont to see you i live in spain and im the bestes fan ever i alway thing about you im 10 years old my best friend love you to i have ever thing of you. wene areyou going to spain or england because i relly wont to see you and could you give me your phone number pls coz i rell love you

    • Hi…
      Is jb chatting or wat cuz I want to tell him that moi friend is a big fan and that I luv him sooooo much. I luv his music and him sooooo much! And I just want to say that JB ROX!!!!!
      So is jb on here or wat?????
      To: the people that r on here.

    • SUp justin ur amazing the most talented person i no i love ur album i bought it :) ur so awesome ur background is european right lol my backgrounds european to europes awesome and i play the piano i go to the australian institue of music :)

    • Everyone is like come back to my country but he travels so much and try’s to go to every country he can to please every one so do u think he wants to go to the same country again just because u missed his concert probably not i feel so bad for Justin that he has to travel so much don’t get me wrong he loves seeing all his fans but after a while he probably gets tired and just wants to go home to see his family and hangout with his friends, and he never gets any privacy with all his fans and the paparazzi following him every where he goes people get mad if he ignores them well he has millions of other fans calling his name all the time so don’t hate on him if he doesn’t acknowledge you when you call his name. I love Justin so much He is adorable and an amazing singer he makes Canada proud <3 I will come to see one of your concerts ASAP.. Love u!!! <3 ;)

    • I wish that you people could stop posing as Justin bieber and his girlfriend cuz that just might be tarring his life apart just a little all you need to do is ask and he might give you a answer PS that bull shit is soooooooooooo childish

    • hello little emily your not his girl friend okay none of us are we want to be well justin i love u sweetie pic u sing amazing im going to get to see u on januyary 19th 2013 i love ur songs they really speak to me .i am going to be in1 row i love u just we all want to be his family or girl friend but were not okay im 10 years old and not as crazy as u people to lie to him yeah im 10 who cares i love u justin ur smile is amazinng ur vice is my world

    • i love you justin bieber plzzzzzzzzzzz come to maryland plzzzzzz text back soon as you get this well i live in snow hill i go to snow hill middle school i live on white something rode my last name shockley my frist name i always say justin bieber is my boyfriend am 10 years old. anyway selena got engaged by max something i’d seen the video and it said it was real if you think she is cool she is nottt !!! to bad i cant come to your consert i can only if you come to maryland as close as you can to snow hill maybe you can perform at my school ( snow hill middle school) i’d maybe crying cause i’d never seen you live soooo the other kids are not good for you but i am plzzzzzzzzzz :( :) !!!!!! I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU ! <3 try to find me soonbefore school on monday or on monday at school i all ways dream about you every night that we see each other try to come to barbleys at newark beside it is mill rode something like that or if nobody is there come to my house on whitening rode or close to that name of the rode it would make my life complete try today am up so i will be waiting i love you baby <3

    • hey justin i eally like u i always wanted to see u but i don;t have a lo off money for u tickets but it is ok i will try to get some tickets and am what is u favoite spot and my name is kaliyah

      wisconsin madison petra places
      p.s i love u so so so so so much

    • Justin You Need To Sort Your Life Out Dude First Smoking Weed Now Loads Of Tatoos You Are Being Sexuall You Came From A Christian And Supporting Chelsea Right The Same As Me Justin.

    • hai i don’t like u but i like ur songs im not interested on u . i know tht u don’t like me justin. just leave it ok

    • Omg hi im helena and i love you JB Im like ur biggest fan ever and i love u so much and ur music and when ever yours songs on i always jump up screaming saying its JB I love you so sosososososososos much xoxoxoxoxoooxoxooxooxoxo ~screams~ Omg omg! i love you sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!! >.<xoxoxo

    • you are all really gullable u believe who ever says there jb is actuallyjb but sadly there not jb un less they prove it!

    • I❤ justin bieber so much like u r my life u should see my room and I can’t wait until July 20,2013 7:00 OMG that’s gonna be so much fun I love you to death justin bieber never forget that

    • Justin please have a meet and greet in Virginia. I love you soo much and I really want to meet you and take a picture with you to show all my friends. <3

    • i have gmail address which is differant from my email address so i have 2 addresses there both active at the same time and my facebook one is differant my twitterone is the same as my facebook one. now listen bud look i know your in here ican get anything on you evenwhat time you go to bed and what time you wake up

    • hey i wanted to tell u ur amazing but im not obsessive over you lol no offense but anyways i love usher hes lik amazing too music is my life and i wanted to tell u one day i wanna meet you stay cool justin


    • OH YEAH MY IS JAYLA but alot of people call me bunny some people call you gay but i know that if you that fine and sexy you cant possibly be gay and even if you are or not i’m still going to be a beliber i love you so much please text me back xo

  1. if i were you i shouldnt date selena gomez she is really mean and she thinks the papparizz like her because they take pictures of her and you.you should really get to know her she is really mean.

      • I agree with Abby.. And Jessica, do you even know Selena Gomaz?! STOP HATING PEOPLE. Just because Justin has a girlfriend doesn’t mean you go and talk bad stuff about her because you won’t get him.. And newsflash – you won’t get Justin Bieber.. Everyone knows it, but won’t admit it…..
        SELENA I LOVE YOU DON’T LISTEN TO STUPID JESSICA… she’s just a jerk that has no friends and spends 24/7 on this website that Justin probably doesn’t know about.. There’s BILLIONS of fan websites. He has a life…..

    • thats not true Selena is an awsome girl i would luv to meet her and Justin some day but she is not mean and if they are in luv just leave them be ok theres only a 1 in 1 billion chance that a fan would end up dating him or marrying him i am his type and i dont expect to ever date him so SHUT UP ABOUT IT Jessica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Selena isn’t mean at all trust me I’ve met her I hung out with for two weeks in a row she’s such a sweet heart. The paps are rude and tried to run my cousin of the road so he flipped them off and Selena flipped. So please don’t talk about her an their not dating their really good friends. I talk to him everyday and he tells me everything.

      • I agree with u sam, people should stop hating selena 4 dating justin is just wrong. Anyone who has a problem with selena dating justin……… JUST GET OVER IT! I love justin and selena makes him happy. Selena is just a person trying 2 live her life and if she wants to date justin and if they r in love they every right 2 be 2gether.

    • Hey jessica, u should shut up! The only thhing that matters is that Justin is happy! If u really cared about him, u wouldnt of said that!U R NOT A BELIEBER!!!!IM A BELIEBER!!I WENT TO HIS CONCERT,HES A DOWN 2 EARTH PERSON, I SAW HIS MOVIE!!IF SELENA REALLY WAS LIKE THAT, HE WOULDNT DATE HER!!!!!BYE…THINK B4 U POST STUFF…LOL!

      • Fereeal ?
        Ya’ll needa chill like if justin be likin’ damn let him we his fans gotta suport the kid you sit here & be like im ya’ biggest fan well damn broo if your reall into him let him be wit who he want like fereal broo he likes her so let the be .

  2. justin i am in dallas texas, i wish i had a better life iam never going to make my dreams come true love you i got to go i feel sad know by i hope you make your wishes come true

  3. justin
    When i heard about you and Selena i did’t fell wery good.
    I like Selena a lot and love her just like you do,but i just can’t believe the fact that you and her are dating.


  5. hi im abby benkalifa but my boo last name is rivera im 11 n i dnt like jb alot i just like his songs plus i think jb should go out wit selena gomez yall really need to stop judging him if he dnt luv u he dnt luv u damn but really i just wanna know do he go out wit jasmine villegas or selena gomez cuz jasmine villegas n jb was caught kissing so many times n him n selena that i know of jus hold hands i luv jasmine villegas n selena gomez yall shouldnt judge them if they in luv dey in luv except it

    • Ok hol up abby rivera erybdy can hav a crush on jb nd sum of us might even go out wit him in da future yhu cant be hatin on us idk if yhu got a problem or somethin but chill out for yhu get slapped we dont need yhu on our backs nd we dc if yhu lik jb or not nd if we dont lik selena gomez which i dont then dats us ok!!!!!!!!! We aint yhur lil relative yhu cant treat us anyway yhu plz!! Mizz thang bye!!!

      • Ohk first of all I realy love the fact that Justin&selena are going out,when I heard about it I was like AWWWE!I hope they last & to all the selena haters, she didnt do nothing so leave her alone you cant just hate her for being with JB,looks like people are jealous dont you think? well heres a newsflash none of you will never have him! End of story.iloveyou JB&selena or shall I say jelena;)

      • Yup thts true Natalie Im his Cousin and im really thiinkin you should talk to me about it thank you(:

    • I luv justin bieber so much but i hate slutlena homez. I have (obd) obssessed bieber disorder, bieber fever,nd im a bieberholic.also i hav his giant stickers nd alot of his posters.(im getting more.)nd im a getting his purple glasses nd a life size cut out of him. Lastly i have over 30 pix of him on phone along with all of his ringtones including omahamall nd speaking in tounges nd just him tlking,etc.(alot more) i luv him so much he makes me want to scream im going to his concert too. Evrything for me is about justin bieber. My family nd i were on the intenet yesterday nd i asked to see jb which i did. Nd when it waz over she sed whenever he does a concert here i can go(sarcazem) nd i will always remember that forever nd ever lolz :) i cant wait to sing up to his site nd his second one where they can send me info aboutt him to my phone nd e-mail i already liked him on fb……nd in my heart lolz!!! Go justin he is one of the best things that has ever happened to me!!!!!!!! I luv to sing i will be famous to!

      • You know if you were a true belieber you would understand that justin bieber is happy with selena gomez and you calling her names isn’t leading you anywhere to meeting him or getting in contact with him. Selena gomez is hurt you guys just leave her alone she’s honestly not doing anythig wrong

  6. hi justin i feel bad because iam never going to make my dreams come true i wish someone can help me iam in dallas texas i live in 708 parkview ave love you make your wishies come true

    • JIllian is a awesome cool doodle jump Super man thats awesome and hates a person that i wont say the name because shes always on this website P.s. i love jb too!!! and i might just spelled with a j than e.s.s.i.c.a!!!!!!

      Yes Jessica… you should!!!

      • Jillian – love the name.
        Jessica – You are the one that needs to follow them, and make it happen. Why would Justin Bieber know.., or care? Go for the goal, and never give up!
        “Quitters never prosper.” So fine, quit, but why would he, or any of his other fans care?! Put it up on facebook or something…NOT ON A FREAKING FAN WEBSITE!

  7. omg jb i have your bj fefer the bieber fever lol i wanna go see your consert i was wornder ing if you wanna come to brdlington to sing at the spa i rally wanna see you so bad so i am gonna have to save up lodes and lodes well i hae to go love you loads TAMMYxxx

  8. i might not be abel to come to your consert it is to much my mom says i have to wate till i am 16 :[ and i wanna meet you your voce makes me cry honstly please wight bak please please please from tammy

  9. I luv soooo much Justin I have all ur songz on my Ipod and listen 2 them all the time i also play my guitar to pray my favorite song if u came 2 my house u would see all over my wall i have picz of u luv always:)

    • Justin Bieber,
      I love you sooo much! I think of you about 99.99999 percent of my life! you are awesome! you are such a good rolemodel to other people! if this is really you…… pleassssssse come to utah?????? i missed your last concert here! :(
      Love ya! :) <3

    • Yeahhh He is REALLLY HOTTT!!! Hahah. My brother thinks he likes boys…but why does he have a girlfriend if he likes boys…, i mean really! Justin Bieber is NOT like boys…
      Love you Justin! <3 ;)

  10. HeYa :) Justin i laaaaarrrvv uUuUuU!! luuuuv your music!! when are you coming to south africA?!?! havta come for your concert! U soooo awsome Justin!! cant wait to see you here in SA!!!!!!! mMwWaAHhH

  11. Your amazing and you have done so much for me personally. You like can’t even imagine how you have unpacked me.
    Thankyou for teaching me to Never Say Never:)

    – Abby

  12. i luv u jb all my friends r in love with u on your birthday i made a sign sayin if u love jb honk and all the cars did i love u jb

  13. justin i love u so much i am ur biggest fan i really want to meet u so please answer this please i love u more than anyone!!!!!!!!!!i would die for u

  14. Awsome hope ur having fun justin u guise shoul b happy for justin dat he found love i dnt no if its da right or wrong love bt he has to give it a try nd we should help him be happy by supporting him even if u dnt lik selena bt trust me she is a great role model nd very nice nd dat is nt true selena would never scream at a fan she loves her fans nd so does jb bt his gona gt tired of ppl snding dead dreats to sel nd of da fame becuz of da hater n he might wanna go bak to his hometown n b a regular kid bt i doubt dat lol ps.I will always support u n i kno selena is an amazing person n shes really nice k by love ya jb ;)

  15. hi justin bieber,
    i love your music and u alot i hope u come somewhere close to ohio because i live in ohio so luv you:)

  16. I AM STILL WAITING FOR YOU TO COME TO UTAH ON YOUR TOUR!!!! PLEEASE JUSTIN come to utah litterally every girl in my school wheres your t-shirts!! and all the get reaally jealous and mad

  17. i wanted to start a Jusin Bieber club if any one wants to join send me a message dont worry its online we will have meetings online juz send me ur name and how offten u come on im mostly on at this time saterdays and fridays

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